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The Favorite Time of Day

The Favorite Time of Day -
The Favorite Time of Day -

Favorite Time of the Day

I have to admit, I am a morning person.  There is something about seeing the sunrise, and grabbing that morning cup of coffee that really appeals to me.  I generally use the time before the rest of the house awakens to get my day into some form of order, to read scripture, to pray and to meditate.

I have always enjoyed being outside in the early morning to experience the awakening of the world around me.  To watch the details lost in the night come into view.  To listen to the birds awaken and begin their morning song.

And each season of the year makes the early morning just a bit different.  The early morning light through the ice and snow on the trees is beautiful, but so is the light on the buds of spring and the leaves of autumn.  The beauty of the world is there to be appreciated in the morning of all seasons.

I enjoy this time of day.  It is the calm before the hustle an bustle of daily life ensues.  The peace of morning is a great predecessor to the rest of the day.

What do you feel is the best time of day?

Bill Welker

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